• “Dear John Alexander (and Staff),
    I’m so glad I started working working with you and your lab back in 2010! You and your staff are always professional yet approachable, and you consistently deliver high quality work at a fee schedule that is fair and reasonable. Be sure to thank your staff for me and let them know how much I (and my staff) appreciate the high level of integrity, kindness, and friendliness. Keep up the great work!
    Highest Regards”

    Joseph D. Jordan, DDS


  • “Alexander Dental Designs has been wonderful to work with. Always making immediate time to go over a case of special needs or concern, I’ve been working with John and Kandi Alexander since 2008 and they have been a pleasure to work with. Alexander Dental Designs will go above and beyond to make sure you and your patients are happy. They’re all very nice and easy to work with.”

    Carol Ann Lindegren D.D.S.


  • “I have used Alexander Dental Designs for over 12 years for all of my crown and bridge cases.  Over the years, they have consistently provided me with products that were a result of careful attention to detail.  Not only is their work good, but the entire staff at Alexander Dental Designs are professional and easy to communicate with.  Over the years, I have appreciated John’s help in trouble-shooting difficult situations or being flexible on the turn-around time when we have scheduling issues.  I feel as if he is not merely just our “lab guy”, but he’s also a team player for my practice.  John’s expertise and experience is top-notch.  We are very grateful to have him as a part of our “team”.

    Grace Carlson, DDS